Your Bullsh*t


If you’re here, don’t worry, you aren’t lost. This is a great place to start, this is where your bullsh*t can be distinguished and put in the trash. First and foremost, what is bullsh*t? Well, Bullsh*t is: all your excuses.

In this blog post, you will learn how to eradicate your excuses in 3 different steps. ⇓

1. Acceptance – It is the foundation of your life. If you want to change your behavior, you have to start

with accepting it first.

  • This is why positive or negative thinking doesn’t work because when you’re thinking ‘positively’, you’re in denial and don’t accept things that might never change.
    • For example: when you are given a body which you know you can’t change, and you try to change it by doing plastic surgery, have you really become happier or are you still the same?printable-blank-food-pyramid-chart-template
  • When you think about it, it really is ludicrous that we’re wasting time trying to change something we know will never change, instead of focusing on the problems, we could be focusing on what we’re good at instead and build on that. Essentially, we have to understand that we can never be perfect and never be the best, so if you want to start somewhere, start with acknowledging what you have.
  • My point is: if you want to change, you have to start by accepting what you have, by working with what you have, you can move on with your life. Because I know that I have problems and I know that you have problems too, so can we just move on?

If you want to learn to accept, start with a daily gratitude journal. It literally only takes 1 minute and has so many benefits.

2. Notice The Problem – If you want things to go your way, you’ve got to understand your habits and step back of your situation to look at yourself from a stranger’s point of view. We are repeating the exact same habits every single day, we are primarily on autopilot for 46.9% of the time. Therefore, to change a habit, you’ve got to notice what you do.

  • To start off with, take a day’s worth of time to notice your habitual patterns and realise what youdo. You can do this by imagining yourself as a complete stranger, noticing how you spend your time, how you move, what you like doing, what you don’t like doing.
  • A question we can never completely answer is: who am I? ~ So many people have different explanations for who you are but the key is: YOUR PERSPECTIVES CAN CHANGE, meaning your explanations can change.
  • If you want to reduce the BS, you can start by accepting change, and being open-minded to new ideas.

If you want to learn to notice your problems, take 5 mins every day to journal. You can start with:

~ Things to do

~ Goals for today

~ What I’m grateful for

~ Affirmations

3. Change – Most people think that this is the hardest part but: it’s the EASIEST. In fact, once you start to journal, you use higher cognitive functions, giving you a sense of purpose.

  • Change is a symptom of journalism and noticing your thoughts. In fact, when you start being aware of your thoughts, using meditation or writing about your problems, you start to become self-aware.
  • However, without the foundation of acceptance, you will never be able to change anything because you are depending on factors that aren’t in your control.
  • Choose one aspect of your life and start to notice your habits, your thoughts, your BS. This way, you can connect with who you want to be.
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CONGRATULATIONS! You are on your way to ERADICATE your BS

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