The Harms of Diet Culture

People, even children, are inundated with messages that affect their basic identity and feed the narrative that we are unacceptable as we naturally are and MUST do some interventions to become worthy of love or desire. We’ve learned to praise people for vigilant and restrictive dieting, starving our bodies to achieve the ‘perfect’ body size, we have to realize that these blogs and ads are reducing whole bodies to body parts, essentially objectifying individuals. 

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This is my ad: If you take this fat burner, you are guaranteed to sculpt your muscles, tone, shred, melt, burn and blast off that last pound of belly fat, it will also kill your cravings and renew your energy. The best part is that you only need to take one pill a day to curb your cravings and save your day. This uses 30 active superfood ingredients, providing all your daily nutrient requirements, so you will never have to bother eating food again.

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If you still aren’t convinced, our fat burner pill uses advanced thermodynamic metabolism boosting ingredients to accelerate extreme fat burning with a 6 step process so that it can successfully attack your fat in 3 angles, making it a guarantee that you shred off that stubborn fat. By the end of 3 weeks, you’ll look as sexy as this model. It’s also vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free, guilt-free, sin-free, bpa-free, plastic-free, toxic-free, joy-free.


In this advertisement that I’ve made, I’ve incorporated some of the most conventional types of literary devices to promote this product. Pseudoscientific language was employed in order to promote the product. As well as this, several hyperboles were used in order to promise a slim physique without putting any effort whatsoever by associating an ideal body shape. Furthermore, terms associated with glorifying quick fixes connote the idea of instilling a sense of eternal weight loss to market the product. The use of active and intense verbs such as: Sculpt, tone, shred, connote the idea of molding into a model, which insinuates that people, particularly women are nothing more than a piece of art-work, to be altered and transformed. 

At the end, the use of asyndeton mirrors the acceleration and effectiveness of the diet pill. In addition, the satirical tone signifies that the whole idea is irrational, making the audience reflect on the effect of the ad. Beneath the facade of “losing weight is healthy”, an underlying message is conveyed: taking a pill is the only possible way to feel worthy or loved. Diet companies will try to sell their gimmicks by labeling them as ‘guilt-free’ or ‘clean’, implying that ‘guilt’ is an ingredient, therefore it is inevitably eaten. Diction such as Kill cravings and Blast away your belly fat connote the idea of getting rid of fat once and for all. It does this to make it seem as if taking a pill would magically make your fat disappear. If there really was a fat burner that worked, we wouldn’t have an obesity problem. In fact, this fat burner won’t burn your fat, but it will burn your money. 

All of these marketing strategies make the companies look good by providing security to the readers, coaxing them a false sense of temporary security, enticing them into thinking that they need this product to feel a sense of self-worth, whilst masking their true intentions which are to benefit themselves. 


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