How to get a 7 in IB Chinese B SL

Hello! I just finished the IB, and this is the first year that the IB has cancelled exams. Nonetheless, I practiced a lot to get a 7 in SL Chinese B and I am proud to say that I achieved that goal. Here are just some writing practices I did:  


Analysis of Anti-Diet Culture

Recently, more and more people have started to realise the negative effects of diet culture and have started to accept various different body types and even types of nutrition. As a result, we have learned to move past fat-shaming, moving away from stereotypical models and idealized figures. As a whole, this movement is more accepting … Continue reading Analysis of Anti-Diet Culture

Analysis of Diet Culture Ads

In the society that we currently live in, many businesses are pushing towards the idea of an idealized figure, most oftentimes referred to as an hourglass shape. We can see this present in many types of social media, whether being skinny lollipops on Instagram, or a video on methods to lose weight fast shown on Tik Tok. These can spread messages that not only harm the physical health of growing teenagers but also harm their mental health. As a result, I have decided to create an analysis of how ads may convey their messages. 

The Harms of Diet Culture

People, even children, are inundated with messages that affect their basic identity and feed the narrative that we are unacceptable as we naturally are and MUST do some interventions to become worthy of love or desire. We’ve learned to praise people for vigilant and restrictive dieting, starving our bodies to achieve the ‘perfect’ body size, we have to realize that these blogs and ads are reducing whole bodies to body parts, essentially objectifying individuals.